Nirmaan is a constructive citizen movement for an empowered India, with an aim to fulfill our responsibility towards our less privileged brothers and sisters and making the world a better place to live in. This institution was established in 2005 and has since then, worked incessantly for human development and related issues.

Manthan is a conference that is going to be organized by Nirmaan, to provide a platform for various Non-Governmental Organizations to display their work and interact with other NGO’s and corporate. Through this, volunteers working for the same cause have an opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm on a range of issues catering to society and how to change it for the better. This conference will be held during ATMOS in October for the year 2016, in BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus with an agenda that begins with the arrival of the Chief Guest followed by the introduction and inauguration of every NGO. This will be succeeded by a talk delivered by an eminent personality after which the stalls of various NGOs will be visited where they can showcase their work to the audience. Debates on issues like the RTI act, volunteerism and discussions on platforms like Yousee will also be conducted subject to time constraints. The session will be concluded with a vote of thanks.

Corporate firms will get a chance to view, examine and frame a case study on all the NGO’s, choose a competent one from a wide range which cater to a social cause of their interests and provide support by funding them under their Corporate Social Responsibility fund. This contribution would further enable the NGO’s to employ more resources in their developmental work. It would also stretch out to a wide range of programs like education, health, community development, self-employment, female foeticide etc. that work towards the holistic development of the country and would be reaching the ones who need it the most.