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Anantomy of murder



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Anatomy of Murder

Anatomy of Murder

"Amazed by the crime scenes in CSI? Wanna be like Dexter? Come feel the adrenaline rush at ATMOS'16 in BITS Hyderabad."

From the organizer


Anatomy of murder is a two round event that tests the participant’s depth of knowledge in biology and expertise in experimental biology and ability to apply it practically.


  1. This event is a team based event consisting of two rounds.
  2. People are to participate in teams of 3 or 2 or 1 member.

    Round one

    • In this round, teams have to qualify a quiz.
    • There will be 20-30 mcq questions asked.
    • Answers are to be written in the answer sheet provided.
    • Papers and pens will be provided by us.
    • The questions will be based on the general biology used in forensics.
    • Top 10 scoring teams in round one will qualify and proceed for round two.

    Round two

    • Round two will be aactual investigation round.
    • In this round, participating teams will be given a murder scene and will have to come up with the blueprint of a credit plot.
    • The clues will be provided in a sequential order .
    • The participants will be required to perform certain basic experiments to get further clues and progress with the case.
    • For this round, teams may use the internet.
    • The teams will be judged for use of resources, innovative ideas, experimental skills, analytical skills .

General Rules

  1. The judging team has the authority to disqualify any team in case of violation of rules.
  2. Once the event starts, no one else will be allowed to participate in the event.
  3. All stationary will be provided by us.


Rishi Rathi - 9912216779

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Prizes worth 10K to be won


N-crypton, one of the headliners for ATMOS, is a must for all cryptography enthusiasts. It will test one’s ability to decipher codes and mathematical acumen. This year’s theme will be set around the World War II, where the participants will play Alan Turing and help beat the axis powers. The participants will be asked to decipher few encryptions which were intercepted by the allies. .The ciphers in the papers will be challenging and engaging.
This event will consist of two rounds-prelims and finals. Both the rounds will be pen and paperbased. This is a team based event, so participants will have to participate in teams of two or three. Top 25 teams will qualify for the second round of the event .Top three performing teams of the second round will be awarded a cash prize. There is no predefined marking scheme, and weightage of marks will depend on the level of difficulty of a question.
Regional rounds for this event will be conducted in various colleges of Hyderabad and the winners of the Regional rounds will gain a direct entry into the finals.


  1. Participants must be present at the venue five minutes prior to the scheduled time of the event.
  2. Late comers won’t be allowed to participate in the event.
  3. Use of mobile phones, calculators or any other gadget is strictly prohibited.
  4. Participants will have to answer the questions in the blank space provided in the question paper. No separate answer sheets will be provided.
  5. Participants will be provided with rough sheets for problem solving, and must hand over the rough sheets before leaving the venue.
  6. Participants, who will qualify for the next round, will have to report at the venue five minutes prior to the scheduled time of the second round of the event. Your absence will result in your disqualification from the event.
  7. Use of any unfair means will result in the participant’s disqualification from the event.


Utkarsh Tiwari - 09559588861,08096478408

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Prizes worth 10K to be won

Industrial Design


  1. The event will have 3 rounds: Online screening round, Onsite round and Knowledge showcasing round.
  2. In online screening round, the participants will have to submit the solution to the given problem statement to Then the teams with the best solution will be selected for the second round.
  3. In onsite round, the selected teams will be called to BITS, Hyderabad Campus to give a presentation on the methodology they followed to solve the problem and the results they obtained with the specifications of the design. They would be questioned about different parts of the solution.
  4. In knowledge showcasing round, the participants will be given short case studies based on designing aspects of some industries. They have to suggest ideas ensuring that their ideas do not disagree with the given conditions.


  1. A team can have up to 2 members.
  2. Solution to the problem statement should be submitted in Word/PDF format.
  3. The teams should send the solution to the provided link before the deadline, i.e., 11th October, 2016.
  4. The shortlisted candidates would be informed personally either through phone/email by within 2 days of their submission and will have to present their solution during ATMOS in front of a judge’s panel.
  5. Only the participants who qualify in the online screening round shall be eligible for the final onsite round.
  6. The decision of the judges and the event head will be treated as final.



YASH LATA :9592299820

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Prizes worth 20K to be won

Cubing Atmosphere   Download Schedule


Cubing Atmosphere will be a 2-day event, consisting of cube solving events that will consist of ten interesting sub-categories such as 3x3 cube,4x4 cube,5x5 cube,2x2 cube,3x3 blindfolded,3x3 one-handed,3x3 with feet,Megaminx,Pyraminx,and Skewb.It will be conducted in association with World Cube Association and the results will beupdated live on the WCA website. Thus, ATMOS will be officially hosting the event in India parallel to many other countries globally. These sub-categories will consist of multiple rounds, and the top three performers from each of the sub-category, will be awarded a cash prize.


  1. Any person may compete in a WCA competition if they:
    1. Comply with WCA Regulations.
    2. Meet the competition requirements, which must be clearly announced before the competition.
    3. Are not suspended by WCA Board.
  2. Competitors below the age of 18 must obtain consent from their parent(s)/guardian(s) to register and compete.
  3. Competitors register by providing all information required by the organisation team (including: name, country, date of birth, gender, contact information, selected events).
    1. A competitor is not eligible to compete without a completed registration, as determined by the organisation team.
  4. A competitor’s name, country, gender, and competition results are considered public information. All other personal information is considered confidential, and must not be disclosed to outside organisations/persons without the consent of the competitor.
  5. Competitors must represent a country of which they hold citizenship. The WCA Delegate should verify citizenship standing by means of documents (e.g. a passport). If a competitor is found ineligible to represent the country under which they have registered, the competitor may be disqualified retroactively and/or suspended, at the discretion of the WCA Board.
    1. The eligible countries are defined by the Wikipedia article "List of sovereign states" ("UN member states and observer states" and "Other states").
    2. Competitors with updates to their citizenship status may change their country of representation in their first competition of a calendar year.
  6. Competitors must obey venue rules and conduct themselves in a considerate manner.
  7. Competitors must remain quiet when inside the designated competition area. Talking is permitted, but must be kept at a reasonable level, and away from competitors who are actively competing.
  8. Competitors in the Competitors Area must not communicate with each other about the scrambled states of the puzzles of the round in progress. Penalty: disqualification of the competitor from the event, at the discretion of the WCA Delegate.
  9. Competitors must be fully dressed while in the competition venue. At the discretion of the WCA Delegate, competitors may be disqualified from the competition for inappropriate clothing.
  10. While competing, competitors must not use electronics or audio equipment (e.g. cell phones, MP3 players, Dictaphones, additional lighting).
    1. Competitors may use non-electronic aids that do not give an unfair advantage, at the discretion of the WCA Delegate. This includes:
      1. Medical/physical aids worn by the competitor (e.g. glasses, wrist brace). Medical aids may be electronic if the competitor does not have comfortable non-electronic alternatives (e.g. if competitor has a personal hearing aid or
      2. Earplugs and earmuffs (but not electronic noise-cancelling headphones).
    2. Competitors may use cameras at the solving station at the discretion of the WCA Delegate, but the following restrictions apply from the start of the attempt until the competitor stops the solve. Penalty for breaking a restriction: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).
      1. Each camera monitor must be blank or out of sight of the competitor
      2. The competitor must not interact with (e.g. operate, hold, wear) any active camera. Exception: the competitor may wear a camera mounted on their head, as long as it is out of their sight and it is clear that they are not interacting with it (apart from wearing it).
  11. The WCA Delegate may disqualify a competitor from a specific event.
    1. If a competitor is disqualified from an event for any reason, they are not eligible for any more attempts in the event.
    2. If a competitor is disqualified during the course of an event, their earlier results remain valid. Exception: cheating or defrauding.
  12. At the discretion of the WCA Delegate, a competitor may be disqualified from some events (a single event, multiple events, or all events) if the competitor:
    1. Fails to check in or register in time for the competition.
    2. Is suspected of cheating or defrauding the officials during the competition) The WCA Delegate may disqualify any suspected results.
    3. Behaves in a way that is unlawful, violent or indecent; or intentionally damages venue facilities or personal property within the venue.
    4. Interferes with, or distracts others during, the competition.
    5. Fails to abide by WCA Regulations during the competition.
  13. A competitor may be disqualified immediately, or after a warning, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction. A disqualified competitor is not eligible for the refund of any expenses due to participating in the competition.
  14. Competitors may verbally dispute a ruling to the WCA Delegate.
    1. Disputes are only permitted during the competition, within 30 minutes after the disputed incident happened and before the start of any following rounds of the relevant event.
    2. The WCA Delegate must resolve the dispute before the start of the next round of the event.
    3. The competitor must accept all final rulings of the WCA Delegate. Penalty:disqualification from the competition.
  15. Competitors with disabilities that may prevent them from abiding by one or more WCA Regulations may request special accommodations from the WCA Delegate. Competitors requesting such accommodations should contact the organisation team and WCA Delegate at least two weeks before the competition.
  16. Each competitor must be familiar with and understand the WCA Regulations before the competition.
  17. Competitors must be present and ready to compete when they are called to compete for an attempt. Penalty: disqualification from the event.
    1. Exception: A competitor who is not present in time for an individually scheduled attempt (e.g. a Fewest Moves attempt, a Multiple Blindfolded attempt) may be considered to have declined that attempt (DNS), at the discretion of the WCA Delegate.

Registration fee-Rs.250/- for one event and to participate in more than one event an extra amount of Rs.50/- will be charged for each of the event added.Eg.-Rs.250/- for one event, Rs.300/-for two, Rs.350/- for three and so on.

Contact Details:

Utkarsh Tiwari : 09559588861,08096478408

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Prizes worth 10K to be won


There are many molecules around us, in the air we breathe, in the things we see and also in the things we do not see. This October come discover the various interesting molecules around you which you may or may not have noticed before. Alchemy, the Chemistry Association brings to you it’s headliner event CHEM HUNT, in which you will discover some interesting new things and will also have a chance of winning hefty prize money.

It is a team based event in which you can participate with one or two of your friends. The rules are quite simple. This is a two round event.

The first round will be a question answer round where we will check your knowledge of chemistry. This will be an elimination round and the top 5 teams will proceed to the main event.

The second round is the interesting one. The qualifying teams will be given problem statements and they have to figure out the answer to the question which they will find in the day to day available objects like soaps, detergents, etc. The qualifying team will have to present us with the objects they think might contain the answer to their question to win. The team which has the answer to all the questions in the minimum time wins the event.

You can register online or on-spot by paying a minimal fee of ₹0.00.


  1. CHEM HUNT is a team based event in which teams of two or three can participate.
  2. Use of cell phone or internet in any way possible is prohibited in the first round. If caught, that team will be disqualified from the event.
  3. The use of cell phone or internet is allowed in the second round.
  4. The second round is a time based event and the team finishing it fastest will be ranked first and so on.
  5. In case of any discrepancy the decision of the event organizer is binding and final.


Prakhar Gupta : +91-9542947470

Abhishek Nelaabh Ghosh : +91-9010526775

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