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Prizes worth 15K to be won



The participants will be given random scrap material (the only inventory) out of which they have to build a working model (machine) which must perform the specified task. It’s a test of dexterity and intuitive thought process. The competition aims to test how quick and creative one can be in order to solve a problem. That’s what Junkyard Wards is all about.


Every team has to conceptualize, design and build a machine in a limited time to complete specified task given to them on the spot.

Round 1(Online)

For the round 1 participants will have to design a gripper mechanism with 1 DOF in any CAD software and send its animation and design to ( before 15 September 2016. The design should meet following specifications:

  1. It should fit in a box of 200*200*100mm.
  2. Claw should be able to a hold a standard international cricket ball.
  3. Design should be such that it can be fabricated with wood.
Only 10 teams will be selected for the main event.

Main Event:The selected teams will be given 8hrs (duration may be subject to change if the organizing body decides so) .

TASK: - Teams have to make a machine based on hydraulic principle which should remain stationary on the ground. It has to pick up blocks of wood from one place and place it at its desired position.

Machine Specifications

  1. Base area of the machine should fit into a square of dimension 150 mm x 150 mm at the time of start. There are no restriction on the expandable height or length of the machine. The extensions used to control the machine are excluded while measuring the machine dimensions.
  2. Locomotion of machine should be based on only hydraulic principal.
  3. Further specifications will be released before September 1 ,2016.


  1. Students from different institutes can form a team.
  2. A team may consist of 3 to 5 members.
  3. All the participants should report at the event venue 30min before starting time.
  4. Marks of the preliminary round will not be carried on to the main event.
  5. Tools and instruments will be provided by the organizers. Participants are allowed to bring and use their own tools but their safe keeping is their own responsibility. Organizers will not be responsible for any kind of loss. Sharing of tools is not allowed.
  6. All kind of raw materials will be provided. Participants are not allowed to bring their own raw material to make the machine.
  7. Each team must formulate their own ideas and designs. Any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
  8. There will be no restriction on the type of mechanism used by the team to perform the task provided no other rule is violated.
  9. No extra time shall be given to any team under any circumstances.
  10. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of property, injury or delay during the event.
  11. The judges’ decision will be final and binding on all.
  12. The teams must show sportsmanship and ensure a healthy competition.
  13. Any negligence/fraud on the part of the participating team, once detected, will lead to immediate disqualification.
  14. Organizers reserve the right to make amendments to rules. All participants are expected to adhere to any changes.
  15. Participation certificates shall be provided to all the participants.
  16. Participants are requested to stay up to date with the website.


  1. The quiz will be set by a panel of professors from various engineering departments.
  2. The same panel will check the quiz paper and the results declared by them are final. No request for reconsideration will be entertained.


The team that comes up with the most ‘Innovative and Creative’ design will walk away with exciting CASH PRIZES.


Poorna Muthyala: +91 70369 96996

Saumitra Mahajan: +91 80960 63261

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Prizes worth 10K to be won

Do It Yourself


Do It Yourself is a two round event designed to test the participants knowledge of physics and the ability to apply it practically.


  • The event is team based. Each team may contain only 2 or 3 members.
  • The event consists of two rounds.
  • Round One
    1. In this round, the teams will be introduced to working models based on the principles of physics.
    2. A demonstration of the working and a detailed procedure of the models' construction will be given.
    3. Each team will be asked 3 questions related to the each model and its working.
    4. The questions will be based on the model's construction, the principles of physics behind it, including general intellectual questions that will check the team’s ability to come up with an idea to make the model better.
    5. The answers will have to be written in the answer sheet provided.
    6. Paper and pens will be provided.
    7. Scoring will be done based on the quality of the answers, innovation involved,the proper use of physics to explain the answer, etc.
    8. Top 10 scorers of round one will be qualified to proceed for round two.
    Round Two
    1. Round two will be a Do It Yourself round.
    2. Here, the participating teams will be given a problem, and will have to come up with the blueprint of a device for it, and construct the device using the materials provided in accordance with the problem.
    3. The problem will be based on the basic principles of physics. E.g. An egg has to be transported from a certain height to the ground in the safest way possible. The teams may have to build a helicopter, a parachute, or anything, with the materials provided to complete the task.
    4. For this round, the teams may make use of the internet in the presence of an invigilator, to get references.
    5. The teams will be judged for their originality, the blueprint, the model, its looks, safety, completion of the task etc.
    6. Even if a team fails to construct the device, the members will be marked for the blueprint they develop, if it is genuine and easy to make.

General Rules

  1. The judges have the authority to disqualify any team in case of violation of the rules.
  2. No new participation will be allowed after the commencement of the event.
  3. Stationary will be provided.


Parikshit Singh: +91 9912260149

Ramasami Krishna: +91 8754470496

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Prizes worth 20K to be won


Dream Big, but Start Small!!

"Every civil engineer dreams to build something extraordinary at least once in their lifetime. Well, that’s the ultimate dream! Come forth, because we offer you a chance, this is definitely one of the first steps towards achieving that dream."

Civil Engineers don’t just build structures and test them like a Java Script, the work starts from the scratch, and doesn’t end right away after finishing construction. As it says, Dream Big but start small, the basic things you should know are "What are the materials you are dealing with and How to deal with them". This event answers that question. Use your basic knowledge of Concrete Technology and Structural Engineering towards building a simple yet best model structure and analyzing it, choose what you want in your mix design, build it with precision. The model should withstand the Load Test, it should be sustainable, Economical and Durable at the same time. Get yourself a reward if you prove that you are the best.


Each team may comprise of 3-4 members. The team has to fabricate a simple 4-beam 4-column structure. The cement mortar mix design and the reinforcement has to designed by the team itself. The materials like Cement, Sand, Fly Ash etc. will be provided. The beams and columns are fabricated on Day-1 and structure is assembled on Day-2. They will be tested for Load Bearing. Tensile Strength, Economy and Sustainability on Day-3. The tests include correct Bending moment diagrams and Deflections for the specified loads. The winners will be announced after the testing.

No foreign materials other than the provided materials are to be used.

Participation fee Rs 100/- per member of the team.


Aditya Vardhan Ganji - 9912317850

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