Nirmaan is a constructive citizen movement for an empowered India, thereby making the world a better place to live in. Nirmaan was founded on 12th February, 2005 by a group of BITS-Pilani University students with a passion for humanity and to fulfill our responsibility towards our less privileged brothers & sisters. Nirmaan has expanded its wings to Goa, Hyderabad and Bangalore in time. Nirmaan spreads its wings to BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Nirmaan - BITS Hyderabad was started in June 2011 with the adoption of Pothayapalli, a village very close to the campus.The projects in the village then began in collaboration with YUVA, a social body existing on campus.

Impressed with the immense potential that Nirmaan held for the students and also due to a long felt need for a sustainable, well established social platform, the Students Union invited Nirmaan to start its chapter on campus.The BITS Hyderabad chapter currently works in the areas of Educational Initiatives, Livelihood Opportunities and Community Development.The Educational Initiatives team has adapted three Government schools at Pothaipally, Upparpally and Malkaram villages and a Girls hostel, SD Convent. This team works for reducing the differences between Government and Corporate schools. Apart from regular teaching sessions we also train a group of students for the Navodaya exam of the Central Government. We also conduct events such as, Independence Day, Children’s day, School day and many more.

The Livelihood opportunities team reaches out the un-employed women in Pothaipally and Upparpally villages, provide all the raw material required for making of chocolates, paper bags, candles, photo frames etc.,. These goods are put for sale and the capital earned through the sales is given to the women.The Community Development team works for bringing awareness among the rural people. This team is currently working to improve the water quality at the schools and also the cultivation of Azolla fern to serve as livestock feed.